Not Your Ordinary Tattoo Shop.

It is about more than the art. It's about honor, gratitude and community. We hold these things in the highest regards because without them, many of us would have nothing. In addition to promoting camaraderie within our communities, we also aim to honor those that have made the ultimate and final sacrifice. On a daily basis, we keep those warriors who selflessly gave of themselves in the forefront of our minds.
They keep us moving at a more brisk pace, motivate us to maintain the highest standards of excellence and above all, to not take things for granted while living a life that is truly a gift. We strive to make them infinitely proud of what we do, day in and day out.

The Kinetic Ink Principal Objective

"Provide world class body art to military personnel, veterans, fire service personnel, law enforcement, EMS, Nurses, teachers and those with a patriotic heart. Professional services are to be rendered in an unmatched environment that promotes community, camaraderie, patriotism and fun. the overall experience is to be synergistic; A melding of beautiful tattoo art and a memorable experience of the utmost fun and positivity."